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­— About La Neige / Concept—ラ ネージュ東館コンセプト

1968 Skiing lodge in Tsuga-ike highlands, Otari village, Nagano opened
1983 La Neige main building in Hakuba village opened
1990 La Neige east building in Hakuba village opened

To Fuse Nature with Architecture

We explored many forests and finally reached the forest in Hakuba, whose name means white horse. Hakuba forest changes its face each season, and its glorious nature is also appealing. The first thing we attempted to do was measure the size of each of the trees in an approximately 3.3 hectare wide forest. We wanted to create an architecture that blended in with the surrounding, beautiful environment. There were some trees that were more than 100 years old, so we designed and produced the hotel based on our concept, “A hotel in the forest”. That means that the hotel will not be any higher than these old trees, our ancestors.
We also placed a special emphasis on interior design that could function harmoniously with nature. For example, you can look at the beauty of the forest while bathing, and feel plenty of sunshine coming in from the big windows. We also obtained ideas from Frank Lloyd Wright’s designs. His concept was “to fuse nature with architecture.” What we strove for was a European style hotel that even Japanese people could relax and feel comfortable staying in. We hope that guests take time to explore and discover all that our hotel has to offer.
In an urban society, people always return to the center of this natural world. We would like you to appreciate that nature, animals, and human beings all coexist here in Hakuba.

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